Ontological Argument | Falsities of Alvin Plantinga

The ontological argument is one of the earliest theodicies created in an attempt to rationalize the existence of a monotheistic God. It was first introduced in the early eleventh century by the Archbishop St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033 — 1109). A modern reiteration was created by the philosopher & theologian Alvin Plantinga PhD. (1932 —… Read More Ontological Argument | Falsities of Alvin Plantinga

Problems of Idealism | George Berkeley

Jubilee Nunnallee 6/1/2019 Idealism (philosophy), is a central philosophical notion of mind and spirit that constitutes the fundamental aspects of reality. Adherers of this metaphysical philosophy think of reality as being a product of the mind rather than the inverse (i.e. the mind being a product of reality). Note: This theory should not be confused… Read More Problems of Idealism | George Berkeley

Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37

This is going to be a response to Theologica37 and his video entitled Arguments from Contingency: Thomistic & Leibnizian. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsEvxew8YOs The user Theologica37, which from this point on I’ll be referring to as Theo, puts forth the argument from contingency as he uses both Leibniz and the Thomistic versions of the argument. The argument… Read More Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37