Nuclear Uranium | An Historical Timeline

Genesis – Uranium was first discovered by German scientist Martin Klaproth in 1789. Henri Becquerel demonstrated a unique effect of radiation due to the emission of electrons and helium nuclei. In 1900 French physicist and chemist Paul Ulrich Villard discovered a third type of radiation called gamma rays. 1896 Pierre and Marie Curie coined the… Read More Nuclear Uranium | An Historical Timeline


 “People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they seldom use” – Soren Kierkegaard 7 PHILOSOPHICAL REASONS TO LIMIT HATE SPEECH! There are many reasons we already have limitations on speech and regulate it to some degree. All across the world common laws have been enacted that limit speech… Read More 7 PHILOSOPHICAL REASONS TO LIMIT HATE SPEECH!

The Philosophy of G | The Gender Condition

Jubilee Nunnallee (Updated July, 2020) There has been a lot of deliberation as to validly of transgender as a rational position. I’ve been part of these online debates and one objection that has come up frequently is the assertion that being transgender is somehow a ‘mental illness.’ This visceral claim needs no proper retort as its… Read More The Philosophy of G | The Gender Condition

The Philosophy of G – Gender and Plurality

The concepts I’m going to present here are meant to address arguments that invalidate transgender people using natural language, so more of a counter rebuttal in using said postulation. Originally presented by John Stuart Mill, there is a metaphysical principle known as plurality of causes. Plurality of causes challenges the notion that while causes are… Read More The Philosophy of G – Gender and Plurality

Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37

“For in Everything there is a portion of everything.”  – Anaxagoras  Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37 This is going to be a response to Theologica37 and his video entitled Arguments from Contingency: Thomistic/Leibnizian. Link: Theologica37, which from this point on I’ll be referring to as Theo, puts forth the argument from contingency as he… Read More Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37