What People get Wrong about Socialism & Communism

In today’s political climate there is much to be discussed in regards to socialism and income inequality. Yet, there is still a lot of misleading information being quickly consumed and disseminated through online social media platforms. This treatment makes it hard to avoid political bias and unfair assumptions about socialism given its modern triumphs. So,… Read More What People get Wrong about Socialism & Communism

Ontological Argument | Falsities of Alvin Plantinga

The ontological argument is one of the earliest theodicies created in an attempt to rationalize the existence of a monotheistic God. It was first introduced in the early eleventh century by the Archbishop St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033 — 1109). A modern reiteration was created by the philosopher & theologian Alvin Plantinga PhD. (1932 —… Read More Ontological Argument | Falsities of Alvin Plantinga

Illegal immigration | A Better Solution?

Jubilee Nunnallee Revised 9/2/2019 Immigration reform has become an embedded principle of the democratic platform. With this coming 2020 election cycle it has become one of the top debated issues. Invariably, all democratic candidates are in favor of creating a path to legal citizenship for undocumented immigrants. But the real question may be to find… Read More Illegal immigration | A Better Solution?

The Disgraced Academic | Paul R. McHugh M.D.

Jubilee Nunnallee 5/11/2019 Recent years have brought Gender studies & transgender theory to the forefront of political and social debates. In recent months I have distanced myself from these discussions for several reasons but partially due to self-care. After a while it became mentally exhausting for me to participate in these debates, combating the sheer… Read More The Disgraced Academic | Paul R. McHugh M.D.

Nuclear Uranium | An Historical Timeline

Genesis – Uranium was first discovered by German scientist Martin Klaproth in 1789. Henri Becquerel demonstrated a unique effect of radiation due to the emission of electrons and helium nuclei. In 1900 French physicist and chemist Paul Ulrich Villard discovered a third type of radiation called gamma rays. 1896 Pierre and Marie Curie coined the… Read More Nuclear Uranium | An Historical Timeline