Ancient Chinese Schools of Thought | Mohism

Of the various popular schools of thought that survived ancient China. Mohism is probably the least understood or covered in historical references. Mohism or (Moism), is a 5th century school of philosophy founded by the ancient Chinese politician Mozi (original Mo Di) (470? – 391? BCE). The philosophy was birthed sometime during the Liu-Song dynasty… Read More Ancient Chinese Schools of Thought | Mohism


The ontological argument is one of the earliest theological proofs for the existence of the Abrahamic monotheistic God. In the late classical period a Catholic monk and patron saint named St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033/4-1109 A.D.) is widely considered to be its original author. He propounds upon this idea in his meditative dialog Proslogion (English:… Read More THE ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT | THE FALSITIES OF ST. ANSELM

Problems of Idealism | George Berkeley

Jubilee Nunnallee 6/1/2019 Idealism (philosophy), is a central philosophical notion of mind and spirit that constitutes the fundamental aspects of reality. Adherers of this metaphysical philosophy think of reality as being a product of the mind rather than the inverse (i.e. the mind being a product of reality). Note: This theory should not be confused… Read More Problems of Idealism | George Berkeley