The Philosophy of G – Gender and Plurality

The concepts I’m going to present here are meant to address arguments that invalidate transgender people using natural language, so more of a counter rebuttal in using said postulation. Originally presented by John Stuart Mill, there is a metaphysical principle known as plurality of causes. Plurality of causes challenges the notion that while causes are… Read More The Philosophy of G – Gender and Plurality

Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37

“For in Everything there is a portion of everything.”  – Anaxagoras  Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37 This is going to be a response to Theologica37 and his video entitled Arguments from Contingency: Thomistic/Leibnizian. Link: Theologica37, which from this point on I’ll be referring to as Theo, puts forth the argument from contingency as he… Read More Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37