The Philosophy of G – Gender and Plurality

The concepts I’m going to present here are meant to address arguments that invalidate transgender people using natural language, so more of a counter rebuttal in using said postulation. Originally presented by John Stuart Mill, there is a metaphysical principle known as plurality of causes. Plurality of causes challenges the notion that while causes are… Read More The Philosophy of G – Gender and Plurality

Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37

This is going to be a response to Theologica37 and his video entitled Arguments from Contingency: Thomistic & Leibnizian. Link: The user Theologica37, which from this point on I’ll be referring to as Theo, puts forth the argument from contingency as he uses both Leibniz and the Thomistic versions of the argument. The argument… Read More Argument from Contingency – Response Theologica37